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My road to unveiling Wearing Your Worth™ includes several learning points along the way…

Over the last three decades I have been an active member of the fashion industry at some of Australia’s most prominent fashion retailers, serving in executive, leadership, managerial, buying, and consulting roles.

I have worked with over 30 fashion companies including many of Australia’s prominent fashion retailers – Portman’s, Sportsgirl, Witchery, Target Australia, Kmart, Jacquie E and Forever New Clothing. I also enjoyed a stint on national television as a Judge on the first two seasons of Project Runway Australia.

I have mentored and coached many designers and enjoyed the thrill of start-ups, including a strategic and grass roots role as Vice President at The Iconic, a Sydney-based online fashion and sportswear retailer.

I guess you can say that my professional background certainly gives me credibility when it comes to fashion and what to wear.  However, what truly gives me the artistic know-how in assisting others discover their most powerful Self is more simple than my career.

My connection comes from the simple fact I am a woman who has felt familiar insecurities, vulnerabilities and anxieties as much anyone else when it comes to my outside looks, my Self-worth and reclaiming Who I Really Am.

I sometimes wonder whether my insecurities were amplified by working in an environment where I had to reconcile my own imperfections inside an industry that focuses on perfection. Appearing on TV as a fashion judge led to judging myself at a deeper level. Balancing my career with single parenting also had me in a never-ending circle of guilt tripping—I believed that I was not Good Enough.

My dedication to self-improvement and personal growth have served me well over the years, and I often joke that I would not have survived the fashion industry and kept my inner world intact without it. Truthfully. No joke.

Through the years, it dawned on me that I had been unknowingly developing a solution all along.

My extensive work within the industry had taught me much about what to wear, yet over the years I realized that power of what we wear lies far more on the inside than the outside.

Through my own Self-awareness journey, I realized that my wardrobe held a reflection to the keys and insights into my own belief systems, thought patterns and Self-worth barometer.

I decided to follow my heart and, as Ghandi said: be the change you want to see in the world. I am so privileged to help others connect with their Authentic Self, Inner Power and True Beauty through what they wear.



The backbone of Wearing Your Worth™ comes from three fundamental realisations that came to me as valuable gifts from my vast experience with all things fashion, combined with exploring my inner being.

  1. I am truly convinced that as women, we all have dilemmas of varying sorts in expressing our True BeautyWe deserve to connect with our own authenticity, and to express our most powerful, inspired and deeply gorgeous selves.
  2. Our wardrobe and choices in style and clothing is a direct reflection and indication of our thought patterns, attitudes and self-beliefs that we hold onto and exercise—not just in our dressing choices, but over our entire lives.
  3. True Beauty goes much deeper than style. True Beauty is multifaceted.

The last decade was spent in intensely investigating my own wardrobe and exploring how the choices in my closet correlated with my belief patterns, mind sets, fears, belief system and anxieties.

My revelation was borne out when exploring clients’ wardrobes as we scavenged and stumbled across their own thought patterns, inner critics and belief systems that constituted their reality. Together we discovered the things that determined what they allowed themselves to wear and what they didn’t.

Wardrobe overhauls have uncovered facets of their inner and outer beauty that are now given permission to be seen. Beautiful sides of themselves were locked away and deemed unworthy of exposure.

When women deadbolt a part of themselves inside a closet, it interrupts full expression; Who We Are. As women, we diminish our power and the True Beauty of our Authentic Self when we shut ourselves up in a carefully-controlled secret.

Telling ourselves that we are not worthy of expressing our many facets is a bit like throwing a red sock into a white wash—pink is pretty, but the sock has contaminated every part. The wash is no longer the original white. Unhealthy thought patterns and lack of acceptance will taint everything.

On the other hand, being stuck in patterns of dressing ourselves that only show specific sides of ourselves in our dressing sense can create an incomplete image of who we are. Our ego is used as a mask, hiding our lack of worthiness and disconnecting us from inspiration and the underlying True Beauty and light within us.


I believe it is essential for us all to connect with and embrace our Authentic Self. As we dissect our wardrobes, we will be amazed at the imbalance and what that means in our lives.

I have finally come to a place where my natural inclination is to feel into what I wear—to uncover patterns behind my decisions, and to dress in what I believe truly aligns with my authentic Self on any given day.

The difference it has made has been central to my Self-growth and life direction. Permission to be myself within has been unlocked—not only in what I wear, but in the whole of my life.

Over the last decade I often woke in the middle of the night with a persistent call about Wearing Your Worth™. The dawning realisation would not leave me alone about the relationship between our clothing and emotions and how to use them both to come into greater connection with ourselves.

I feel so utterly blessed and privileged to be trusted by incredibly courageous women and welcomed in to their closets. A wardrobe is a sacred place. The transformations I have witnessed when they set sail on their voyages of discovery of the relationship between themselves and their clothing has been such an honour. I have watched so many women emerge and reclaim their True Selves—both in their wardrobe and their daily lives.


Imagine the feeling of shining from the inside out …

every time you get dressed

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