-sarah gale


Be the change you want to see in the world. Mahatma Ghandi

My extensive work in the fashion industry over 30 years (which includes as a judge on Project Runway Australia and Vice President at The Iconic)had taught me much about what to wear. Yet over the years, I discovered that the power and beauty behind what we wear lies on the inside rather than the outside.

As a student of A Course in Miracles and many other personal development practices, I came to understand that the relationship I had with my wardrobe and style was a direct reflection of the mindsets and belief patterns that I played out in the whole of my life.

I knew that I was accomplished at putting outfits together – after all, it comprised a big part of my career – so why did I feel such indecisiveness about what to wear myself? Why did I feel anxious about what others would think of me? Why was I afraid of not looking good enough? Clearly, my feelings of imperfection were amplified by working in an industry that focuses on perfection.

But appearing on TV as a fashion judge, whereby I felt I had to look perfect to uphold the brand, led me to judge myself at a deeper level. I realised I was upholding an image that wasn’t mine and the time, pressure and money it took to do this was becoming detrimental to the rest of my life. My super-harsh self-critic was showing up in my wardrobe and I was determined to find out why and how to alleviate that debilitating feeling.

I soon realised that these dysfunctional and disempowering feelings of not being/looking good enough when I got dressed were very similar to other people’s.

I observed that my need to look a particular way kept shifting according to my circumstances, mainly in order to fit in: be that in the workplace, a relationship, or a friendship group. I was such a chameleon that I was continually disconnecting from Who I Am.

My self-awareness journey showed me that my wardrobe held the keys and insights into my belief systems, thought patterns and self-worth barometer.

It was from these personal revelations that Wearing your Worth™ was born.

A wardrobe is a sacred space and over the last decade I have been fortunate to investigate many people’s wardrobes to assist them explore their most radiant and authentic selves.  The transformations I have witnessed as they set sail on their voyages of discovery has been an honour. I have witnessed many women emerge and reclaim their true selves—in both their wardrobes and their daily lives.

When we connect with our style essences – the parts of us that are yearning for full expression – we connect with our authenticity, which then radiates out into everything we do. It is my dream that we all learn a new way of dressing and embrace a newfound confidence empowering us to look and feel amazing in the world, knowing that we belong – first and foremost to ourselves.

Wearing Your Worth™ allows you to discover your three style essences that align with your heart and soul. When you imbue your unique essence into each outfit, no matter what the occasion, you plug into an electrical socket of your own light. Boom! You shine! And your inner radiance is palpable – you are aligned.

I am truly convinced that as women we all have varying dilemmas when expressing our true beautyand so wedeserve to connect with our own authenticity and express our most powerful, inspired and deeply gorgeous selves.

I would love to help you reignite your flame of authenticity that will you the permission to shine.

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