Wearing Your Worth™ is designed to awaken and unleash the real you, combining wardrobe curation with deep self discovery, giving you a self-confidence that connects you to your true worth – inside and out.

Wearing Your Worth™ unlocks:

  • Your Unique Style Blueprint that you can apply to every outfit and occasion
  • Clarity that builds a wardrobe of clothes that you love to wear
  • A deep and profound confidence in your appearance that goes way beyond the wardrobe
  • Immense enjoyment in getting dressed
  • A deeper connection with your heart and soul

If you’re like most of Sarah’s new clients, you probably feel one or more of the following:

  • I can’t decide what to wear
  • I have a wardrobe full of clothes but have nothing to wear
  • I feel anxious about how people perceive me
  • I get stuck wearing the same clothes day in and day out
  • I suspect I use my clothes as a veil to hide my true self

Are you ready to let go of your internal wardrobe critic and instead show up to the world announcing confidently who you are and what you are worth?



This four hour one-on-one signature session with Sarah Gale is designed to take you on a journey into the depths of your Soul, to uncover and unleash the most powerful and authentic you.

Expect to be challenged as you delve into your wardrobe to awaken to your internal thoughts and feelings that are guiding your choices of what to wear. As you explore the relationships with your clothes and how your mind patterns and beliefs influence and direct them, you will discover your authentic style and how to use this to connect with and express your True beauty.

This true beauty is multi faceted and encompasses your whole being, igniting the deeply gorgeous Self within that shines through you as a beacon of light.

Through this process, patterns will emerge that are familiar in the whole of your life, which may be holding you back from showing up fully and living the most authentic and powerful you in all areas of your life. As you uncover and work with these patterns, transformation takes place at a far wider level than just your wardrobe.

To enquire further or to book a WEARING YOUR WORTH™ WARDROBE IMMERSION session use the contact form HERE.



Shopping for the True You can be daunting. Sarah Gale’s clients have found value in having her accompany them on their first shopping trip. They learn to firmly set newly found patterns and to make wise and courageous choices for their wardrobe.

*This option is an extra to the WARDROBE IMMERSION session and is not available as a singular service.

To enquire further or to book a WEARING YOUR WORTH™ WARDROBE IMMERSION session use the contact form HERE.


Sarah has a unique talent for not only selecting clothes that suit you and re-working your wardrobe so that you have many more outfits, but also gently uncovering what it is that you are yearning to show to the world! She will help you re-discover your uniqueness and the qualities of the real you that may have been lost in the hum drum of life. My session with Sarah has inspired me to not only dress differently but to adjust my sails in other areas of my life as well.
– Ruth Oliver


Coming soon – this online course takes you into the privacy of your own home and wardrobe! As this eight-week program unfolds, expect to be reacquainted with your wardrobe in a way like never before. Learn to ‘read’ your wardrobe to understand whether the pieces, balance and how you wear your clothes are bringing out the best in you, or holding you back.

Learn how to uncover the patterns within your wardrobe choices, that may unravel some surprises as to what makes you tick, where you may be harbouring negative self-beliefs and where you may be presenting a veil to the world, rather than the full expression of Who You Are. And you may be surprised to find that the patterns in your wardrobe will also be influencing your mind set in the broader aspects of your life.

Once you have discovered the patterns, you will be well equipped to make empowered adjustments to your wardrobe and outfits to express the most powerful and personally aligned outfits to celebrate and honour your authentic Self. This effects your whole life …when we change a thought pattern in one area aspect of ourselves, it is like a red sock in a white wash – it effects all areas of our lives.

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Wearing Your Worth™ Weekend Retreats are designed for women who are passionate about change from the inside out.

This retreat is one weekend away from home where you will be permitted—and encouraged—to bring a full suitcase with significant and favorite pieces of clothing. How fun will that be?

Together we will explore your wardrobe. Before attending the retreat, your choices will be outlined in an instructional class.

The retreat is exactly that—an intimate gathering of no more than ten women away from the hustle and bustle of life and demands of home. We will go over wardrobe discovery and offer additional sessions to equip you with Beautiful Self-care along with wisdom-enhancing tools for use in daily life to create balance, inspiration and connection with your authentic Self.

Isn’t it about time you gave Your Self a gift? What could be better and more long-lasting than a Self-empowering and nurturing weekend away to connect you with the most powerful, loving and confident You? Learn to uncover and utilize long-lasting tools to take back into every aspect of your life.

To enquire about our upcoming  WEARING YOUR WORTH™ WEEKEND RETREATS please use the contact form HERE.


Sarah has an ethereal way of drawing out parts of yourself that have been unknowingly locked away at the back of your mind and closet. I was blown away by her authenticity and grace alongside her ability to make me feel empowered over all aspects of myself. Sarah will leave you sparkling inside and out…
– Tess Carpenter

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