Wearing Your Worth™ is a revolutionary wardrobe therapy program created to enable women to align their wardrobe with their true self.

The unique and exclusive Wearing Your Worth™ program combines wardrobe curation with deep self-discovery resulting in a profound self-confidence which will connect you to your Authentic Self.  Never again will you stress about what you wear.

Wearing Your Worth™ is designed to awaken and unleash the real you, using your wardrobe as a roadmap to explore hidden belief patterns and limited mindsets that show up in your clothing choices and keep you from living out your full potential and heartfelt desires.

Uncovering patterns within your style choices will unravel surprises as to what makes you tick, where you might harbour negative self -beliefs and where you use your wardrobe as a veil to the world rather than using your clothing to express the deeply gorgeous You!

Created by Project Runway Australia judge and fashion industry veteran Sarah Gale, Wearing Your Worth™ is not a typical styling program. In a deeply personal look into who you are and how you feel, you will be taken on a journey into the depths of your soul to express your authentic self and unique aesthetic style.



It is so much more than a styling session. Sarah is far deeper than just what we wear … I have just loved everything about our time together. I think Sarah is one of a kind. She has been put on this earth to help others be the best versions of themselves by leading by example. She has this uncanny ability to reach down deep into your soul and reflect back to you in a kind and non-judgemental way… (to) hold it up like a mirror in a way no other has done before… and then give you the confidence to be the best version of you in every way, beyond the clothes we wear.

-Corinna Hinze

It was wonderful … it felt like a real turning point for me. I felt that you gave me the opportunity to connect with myself in an unexpected way through my wardrobe … I sense a permission and dare I say confidence which seems deeper than what I’m wearing, but almost because of what I am wearing … I guess this is the meaning of alignment and true expression of Self… discovering something buried deeply within … I am truly impressed with the difference I am feeling because of your sensitivity, skilful eye, intuition and want to acknowledge the enormity of your gift…

– Elizabeth Bates


I’ve spent over three decades in the fashion industry, in roles ranging from Buying, Marketing and Senior Executive and Leadership roles with the majority of Australia’s most prominent fashion retailers. I was a key player in the set-up and strategy of The Iconic and was Judge on Project Runway Australia for a couple of seasons.

I guess you can say that my professional background certainly gives me credibility when it comes to fashion and what to wear.  However, what truly gives me the artistic know-how in assisting others discover their most powerful Self is more simple than my career.

My connection comes from the simple fact I am a woman who has felt familiar insecurities, vulnerabilities and anxieties as much anyone else when it comes to my appearance, my Self-worth and reclaiming Who I Really Am.




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