Wearing Your Worth™ is a revolutionary bespoke wardrobe styling program designed to awaken and unleash the real you. Combining wardrobe curation with deep self-discovery, giving you a profound confidence that connects to your true worth – inside and out.

Do you ever feel indecisive when choosing what to wear? Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes yet nothing to wear? Do you feel anxious about how others perceive you? Are there times you get stuck wearing the same clothes day in day, day out?

If you answered yes to any of the above scenarios, you are not alone!

Designed by Sarah Gale, veteran of the fashion industry and media personality, Wearing Your Worth™ uses the wardrobe to explore hidden belief patterns and limited mindsets that show up in your clothing choices and keep you from living out your true greatness and full expression in this world.

What starts off as a wardrobe session will ripple into the rest of your life,  transforming your relationship with your most authentic and powerful Self.

True presence and beauty comes about when we align our external expression with the truth of who we are.

Let go of wardrobe anxiety and discover your own Unique Style Blueprint, that you can apply to every outfit, no matter the occasion. Connect with a profound confidence that goes way beyond the wardrobe,  and enjoy a deeper connection with your heart and soul.



It is so much more than a styling session. Sarah is far deeper than just what we wear … I have just loved everything about our time together. I think Sarah is one of a kind. She has been put on this earth to help others be the best versions of themselves by leading by example. She has this uncanny ability to reach down deep into your soul and reflect back to you in a kind and non-judgemental way… (to) hold it up like a mirror in a way no other has done before… and then give you the confidence to be the best version of you in every way, beyond the clothes we wear.

-Corinna Hinze

It was wonderful … it felt like a real turning point for me. I felt that you gave me the opportunity to connect with myself in an unexpected way through my wardrobe … I sense a permission and dare I say confidence which seems deeper than what I’m wearing, but almost because of what I am wearing … I guess this is the meaning of alignment and true expression of Self… discovering something buried deeply within … I am truly impressed with the difference I am feeling because of your sensitivity, skilful eye, intuition and want to acknowledge the enormity of your gift…

– Elizabeth Bates


Sarah Gale, Founder of Wearing Your Worth™, veteran of the fashion industry and former Judge on Project Runway Australia, believes that what we wear is directly aligned with our self-worth and that by curating our wardrobe from the perspective of an ‘inside-out’ approach, we connect with our most powerful self.

Sarah says “Our wardrobe houses far more than just our clothes; our relationship with what we wear is a direct correlation with the mindsets and belief patterns that we are also playing out in the relationship we have with our life as a whole.

Through my own journey and many hours with my clients, I have discovered that our wardrobe reveals our greatest desires and biggest fears. I designed the Wearing your Worth™ program as a way to discover my clients own unique and authentic style, whilst shedding light on any mindsets that could be holding them back in life.”



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