Everything I offer is designed to empower you, as I guide you to reclaim your authenticity & feminine power…


Everything I offer is designed to empower you, as I guide you to reclaim your authenticity & feminine power…
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Get ready to feel empowered & know how to dress to fully express your true Self in your clothes and honour the magnificent woman that you are.

This Signature Wearing Your Worth© Course is a powerful six-week journey deep inside your wardrobe to release what keeps you small and discover your Style Essences. Unlock & reclaim your feminine as you create a confidence, beauty, and power from the inside out.

Packed with inspiring and informative tutorial videos with exclusive information, plus weekly LIVE Zoom Module Debrief Calls facilitated by Sarah. Join a beautiful group of like-minded women who are committed to a richly transformative experience. Your journey is supported by a comprehensive workbook and tools you can implement immediately. The immense impact of this course will be felt ongoing into the rest of your life.


I am going to personally show you how to dress with absolute confidence and master your self- expression in this exclusive one on one program, as we delve into your closet together. Say goodbye to those feelings of frustration, not being enough, and not knowing who you are. In this rich and nourishing package, we unleash your uniqueness, to discover your heart’s yearnings and reignite your true beauty. Reclaim your feminine and show up in the world as the most confident and powerful YOU!


By application only, this deeply rich and rewarding program will accelerate your self-love and personal transformation. A three-month ultimate immersion, this program reignites your feminine within. Unleash your Essence within the wardrobe and reclaim your feminine power to enrich your life and strengthen your direction. Experience the soar of inspiration from the power and energy as it surges new life into your career, relationships, and confidence in yourself.


A rare opportunity and by application only, this transformational six-month program is next level growth! Reconnection with your feminine opens the doors in this program for the truth of who you are to infiltrate your life in ways you have only imagined. Reignite and restore your relationship with your beauty, embody your inner genius, and spark your alchemical ascension into a new way of being in your relationships, career, mission, and direction in life.


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