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  • You don’t need to buy new clothes to create a new wardrobe1 Comment
    I was on a zoom call the other night with a group of women from the last Wearing Your Worth® Online Course. One woman shared that she was afraid of entering the course, because she thought she would have to buy a whole new wardrobe. This particular woman has not bought a single piece of …Read more
  • Are you hiding behind ‘comfortable’ clothes?1 Comment
    When was the last time you thought about what governs your choices around what you wear? Does your conscious or unconscious mind direct your selection of clothes? The wardrobe is often where our habitual life patterns and mind sets can become our blind spots. We get hooked into a particular style. We reach for safety, …Read more
  • A letter to you, from your wardrobe1 Comment
    Dear Beautiful One, You know we are in relationship, you and I. I hear every word you say as you stand in front of the mirror and decide what to wear each day. You and other humans think that dressing is a superficial part of life, yet there is nothing shallow about what you wear. …Read more
  • What are your dresses telling you?1 Comment
    I’m a bit like a blank canvas currently, feeling like I am in a void. Letting go of the old, yet the new is still yet to emerge. I get an inkling of it – the feeling inside that knows I am headed somewhere, yet my external reality does not consist of the same certainty, …Read more
  • Wardrobe dilemma: What to let go of1 Comment
    I am often asked about where to draw the line in keeping pieces of clothing for sentimental reasons, or culling them to be practical. There are certain pieces in our wardrobe that hold special memories … of people, places, events, phases of our lives. If being authentically Who We Are is the most powerful Self …Read more
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