A letter to you, from your wardrobe

Dear Beautiful One,

You know we are in relationship, you and I. I hear every word you say as you stand in front of the mirror and decide what to wear each day.

You and other humans think that dressing is a superficial part of life, yet there is nothing shallow about what you wear. It is a choice you make on a daily basis: do you make that choice from a conscious and self-loving standpoint or do you allow your sub conscious to run old worn out and self-condemning mindsets that may have their roots in family ideals, friends influence, social media, marketing messages or celebrity culture? I hear so many ideas within your sub conscious mind, that you use to berate yourself for your alleged failings, be they body issues or sense of style.

I feel your insecurities, your indecision, your anxiety and I stand awaiting your decision to use me, your faithful wardrobe, to come home to yourself.

The voices I hear in your mind scare me:

I’m not good enough just as me.

I need to be what others want me to be. (Like you really know anyway!)

I’m not tall enough.

I’m not thin enough.

I’m not young enough.

I’m plain.

I’m invisible.

And then I watch you, as you select what to wear to armour yourself up against your own perceived short comings. Many times you convince yourself that these clothes are serving you on some level, either to gain approval from others, divert attention away from your greatest fears, or to hide you instead.

It’s time to revaluate our relationship, you and I. To bring to it a sense of honesty, of transparency. It’s time we became real with each other.

Please stop the mind chatter for long enough to feel into what you are wearing – so you can determine what your heart and body knows to be true, to what feels like you, the real you.

When you come to me in the morning, please bring your most receptive, loving Self.

When we work together to allow you to express who you really are, please stop the inner talk about what others will think about what you wear. It doesn’t serve you and only entrains your mind further to move away from the beauty and acceptance of who you really are.

You deserve to connect with others as your unique and authentic Self. For that is where the true gold is. That is what you were put on this earth to be. Find that. Commit to that. Don’t sell yourself and another on an idea of who you think you need to be.

When you dress to fit in, or for acceptance, or approval, this disempowering mindset of yours will leak out into all the other areas of your life. You deserve more, for you are an amazingly beautiful and perfect being, that has the potential to make such a difference in this world.

Please know I have your back. Always. I will speak to you, if you are willing to listen. All your mindsets and belief patterns that you hold towards yourself in your life at large, are hidden within the relationships that you hold with the clothes that hang within me.

If you wish to reclaim you, then together we can dance to reveal the real you and we can let go of the ways that you have misused me in the past to constrain you, armour you up against this world of comparison and unwittingly hide the true beauty that is the very fabric of who you are.

Together, we can tenderly create a new pathway of self-love and acceptance.

With love beyond your wildest dreams,

Your Loving Wardrobe xx

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