Touched by true beauty

Let’s contemplate what true beauty is. We all know that feeling of coming face-to-face with it, even if we can’t recall ever stopping to distinguish its unique qualities. It goes way beyond the external; it is the difference between stylish, and deeply gorgeous.

How might I describe this mysterious, deeply gorgeous woman?

Deeply touched by beauty.

I know when I am in the presence of a woman who emanates true beauty.

There is an awe about her that separates her from the ‘stylish’ and transports her to the category of profound and striking – and strike she does, as she emanates a light, filled with a profound confidence that deeply moves others. Warm and permissive, she connects with and excites the same aspects in those around her, as they are touched by her raw and authentic beauty. It is the difference between a fragrant rose, the smell that delicately touches our senses and lights us up, as opposed to a beautiful-looking, highly-propagated and scentless one. It is an Italian espresso versus an instant coffee; a kitchen filled with the smell of home baking as opposed to opening a packet of pre-made biscuits; the smell of freshly cut lawn as opposed to synthetic grass. It is profound, it’s vivacious, it’s authentic, it’s mysterious, it’s magnetic … it’s real.

Her confidence stems from a Knowingness deep inside, celebrating the wholehearted being that is unique to her and expressed from the inside out. It connects us with the awareness of our own true beauty. She radiates an inclusiveness, celebrating the success of others, not fearing competition, for she knows her own unique splendour is unrivalled. She expresses the truth of who she is, choosing clothes that reflect her authenticity and this alignment declares she is wholehearted, a woman in her own power and a force to be reckoned with..

The power that emanates from this woman surpasses any ‘stylish’ perfection. Where style is skin deep, true beauty is multifaceted, and rooted in the alignment of the courageous being that resides deep within us all. The one that is inviting our authentic expression, desires to be heard, is longing for our love and acceptance. This woman is buried within each of us. She is our mysterious wonder, burning quietly within us, like a piece of kindling waiting to spark the fire in our hearts – to set our voice and our true beauty alight.

It is from this place of knowing, of True Beauty, that I suggest you select what you wear today. Are you ready?