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Date: Wednesday 16th, February
Time: 7:30pm-8:45pm AEDT  

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Meeting ID: 825 7654 4599
Passcode: WYW2022

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TIPS to prepare and get the most our of this live masterclass.

1) BLOCK OUT 75 FULL MINUTES: Make sure you block out a full 75 minutes for the webinar in your calendar and it’s a good idea to put a sticky note on your computer so that you remember the time.

2) SHOW UP EARLY: There will be no recordings, so make sure you attend live and click the link to join at least 5 minutes early.

3) TO PREPARE: Bring a pen and paper or a digital device to write on. My guess is there will be some take aways you will want to take with you. 😉

On the webinar start time click the button below to join.

Meeting ID: 825 7654 4599
Passcode: WYW2022

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I look forward to going live inside your closet with you!